Basic Alignment Pricing: $85.00
Service includes meticulous inspection of your vehicle's current toe, camber, and caster angle. After reviewing the information gathered during the initial inspection, our team will work with you to set your vehicle to the specification you desire or simply return your vehicle's alignment to the factory specifications.
Custom Alignment Pricing: Starting at $125.00
This service is needed for customers with camber plates and/or adjustable control arms installed on their vehicle.  A custom set-up includes a basic alignment as well as the adjustments necessary on your vehicle's camber plates and/or adjustable control arms to set your car up for your needs on the road and/or track. Cars with "shim" type adjustment also also in this category.

Full Set-up/Corner Balancing: Starting at $350.00
This service  is needed for customers with coilovers installed on their vehicle. The full set-up service includes a basic alignment as well as ride height adjustments made to your preferred specifications, neutralizing sway bars & suspension bushings, and the thorough completion of corner balancing. Our technicians will work closely with you to dial in the cross weight and set your vehicle up to your needs for optimal performance at the track.

We strive to properly match each customer with a suspension package that best suits their needs. Understanding that a car can be much more than just the sum of its parts is crucial to maximizing grip, increasing control, and decreasing lap times. Our real-world fine tuning on the street and track results in a car that is predictable, comfortable, and handles extremely well.


We can force feed anything any way. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it gets done. From a turbo system to a bolt-on supercharger kit, forced induction can create huge amounts of drivable power. We can build any forced induction setup, from mild to wild.

We guarantee that we will not scratch or damage your wheels in any way. The tire machines that you find at most tire shops utilize metal claws with sharp teeth to hold your wheel in place. These claws cause scratches, dents and chips, especially on polished or coated surfaces.

  • Tire Dismount Pricing: Starting at $25
  • Tire Disposal Pricing: $3.75

We can professionally install any and all of a variety of seats and harnesses. We will install a harness bar or roll bar to meet your needs. Services include:

  • Custom bar location
  • Custom bar fabrication
  • Kit bar or cage mounting
  • Surface prep
  • Welding
  • Interior modification for bar penetrations
  • Interior paint

interested in doing a full build? We can make it happen. Here at SBGarage, we offer complete custom build projects to fit anyone’s needs. Our team of experts will consult with you on your dream vehicle. If it’s to create a faster car, a race car, something out of the box or the ultimate sleeper, we can accomplish it. View “Our Instagram” to get an idea of the projects we have accomplished in our 8 years of business.


Most people assume SBGarage only specializes in Miata high performance services such as suspension tuning, engine performance and track preparation. As your trusted source for factory-scheduled maintenance and standard repair work, you will receive equal or better service than the dealer at extremely competitive pricing.

  • Oil Change: $25 (does not include fluids)
  • Transmission or Differential Flush: $60 (does not include fluids)
  • Brake Fluid Flush: $60 (does not include fluids)
  • Clutch Fluid Flush: $48 (does not include fluids)

The Miata timing belt must be changed every 60,000 miles. Although the California Owner's Manual says 105,000 miles, this is just to satisfy a state requirement that says timing belts should last 100,000 miles or more. Still, it should be done at 60,000 miles. The Miata engine is a non-interference engine, meaning that the pistons will not crash into the valves. However, if you neglect this major service, you risk being stranded due to a belt break.

A basic inspection usually includes a visual inspection of the interior, exterior, and under-hood of the vehicle. It may also include a basic component test and test drive.